It is such an honour to be a part of a marriage ceremony, no matter where it is; Beach, Winery, Public Parks, Back yard, or even the kitchen table. I have a very reliable car will travel anywhere.


Weddings can be a stressful time for the bride and groom. There is so much planning and organising and back and forth conversations with all the different businesses involved in making your day special.

My promise to you is is to make the day and the ceremony relaxed, thought filled, honest, and with as much love throughout the day as possible.

As an experienced marriage celebrant i have performed many wedding and and able to calm everyone on the lead up to the big day,

Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies are a celebration of the relationship between same sex couples of those who wish to have a special day without the signing of the official paper work.

A ceremony for couples who wish to express their love for each other in front of friends and family.

I am committed to making your special day as seamless as possible and have it filled with fun and everlasting memories of love.

Naming Ceremonies

What a wonderful way to celebrate the birth of the newest member of your family by performing a naming day.

Naming days can comprise of many different little sections that give significance to the newborn and the family. Things like the meaning of their name, the creation of a plaque to commemorate the day, a poem or a pledge of love to your new child that can be written down, and many more.

As a naming celebrant i understand the needs of children and that large crowds or focus on a newborn child can be stressful to them. I promise to take the day slow and make sure not only the child has a blast, but all family members involved.

Renewal of Vows

What better way to say ‘I LOVE YOU’ after however many years of marriage or commitment to one another, than to renew your vows and redeclare the love and admiration for one another.

Renewal of Vows is a more relaxed ceremony than a wedding or commitment because it is the second time around, however, this can make the day even more special.